Urban Saints Guildford Stoke Park London Road Guildford Surrey GU1 1TU

Key Contacts

Group Leader: Jagat Shrestha
About: Profile_PaddyJagat has been greatly impacted by the work of the group since he started as a young person in 2008. Jagat loves leading at USG, but when he’s not running a Keenite group or organising other events for Urban Saints Guildford, he is training to be an accountant, and also enjoys a multitude of sports. He would be delighted to help anybody with any queries related to Urban Saints.
Mobile: 07800 884933   Email: email_Jagat


Chairman: Mike Gibbons
About: Mike’s been involved with USG since he joined the group when he was 10 years old. Despite now being somewhat older, he remains a young person at heart with an unwavering commitment to serve young people in our town. Mike’s married to Hana and works in London as a management consultant.
Mobile: 07909 981275


Junior Section Leaders (School Years 5-7): Guy Roth and Paddy Overy
About Guy:Profile_guy
Guy joined USG as a Junior lad in year 5 and has been a regular member of the group ever since. Having finished A-levels, Guy decided to look at employment rather than going straight into further study and is currently designing lanyards. In his spare time he enjoys aerobatic gliding (that would be a plane without an engine…)
Mobile: 07903004456   Email: email_Guy


About Paddy:Profile_Paddy
Paddy joined USG as a Junior lad and built a firm faith and strong friendships through his time in the group. He has now been a leader at USG for 15 years and also recently ‘retired’ from the board of the national Urban Saints organisation. Paddy works as business manager at a local secondary school and is married to Kate, with daughter Evie.
Email: email_Paddy


Inter Section Leader (School Years 8-10): Ben Coombes
About: Ben is new to the team at Urban Saints Guildford and has a real heart for young people, with a desire to support, encourage and tell them about the amazing news of Jesus. Ben loves the camps and activities that are ran throughout the year. He is currently selling yellow diggers as a salesman for JCB!
Mobile: 07879 492855   Email: email_Ben


Senior Section Leader (School Years 11-13): Harry DobbsProfile_Harry
About: Harry joined USG in school year 10 and therefore feels that the older sections- in particular the Seniors- are the best. During the week Harry works with biscuits(!) but is based in Guildford to allow as much involvement in USG as possible. Harry apologises in advance for bringing his lads back to the Hall late after Keenites…
Email: email_harry

Group Treasurer: Marelise Carpenter
About: Marelise has 2 sons who currently attend Urban Saints Guildford and her husband Steve, is one of the leaders. She kindly looks after our accounts and manages donations. If you are considering making a financial contribution to the group please contact Marelise and she’ll tell you how to go about doing so.
Email: email_Marelise

Prayer Group Leader: Alan Mansfield
About: Alan is another with many ties to the group. Having been involved in the group himself he now finds his sons in the leadership team, and his grandsons part of the group as lads. If you would like to be involved in the supporters prayer meetings then please contact Alan as he’d love to hear from you.

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